Sunday, February 26, 2012

Movement Heals


                Wow!  So it's been a busy February!  I am a little late on my blog update and I apologize.  As you all can relate... life happens!  We have been getting so busy with boating season starting up, and with my crazy travels to and from Fresno weekly for work along with teaching here.  Let's just say we are working to find balance with our new busy schedules.   This blog is very important to me, and I really hope I can make a difference.  Even if it's small.  I know from personal experience a little goes a long way.  Which brings me to today's entry.

                In life it is so much easier to say, "I will do it later, Tomorrow is a new day, When I feel better, or   I will start next week."  We are the biggest procrastinators.  I am very guilty myself.  We can always find some reason or another to put whatever it may be off to a time that is more convenient for us.  Thing is it may never come.  There will always be something better to do, somewhere better to go, and something deliciously unhealthy to eat for you to start your "diet" of the week the next day.  I am sure you have heard the saying "A little goes a long way."  In this case it most definitely does.   In life and health the little changes you make to your daily routine, and your daily habits will add up and make a huge difference in the long run.  

                Today I am going to write about that little bit that will go the long way, and that movement can heal.  We all have extremely busy lives with absolutely no additional time for a quick run/walk, or some strength training right?  WRONG!  There is always time.  Working out is part of my life!  When I don't work out I am much crankier, judgmental, and complain about things that are not important and that do not even concern me.  Without even knowing it you may be the exact same way!  Setting aside time to have my workout even if it is 20 or 30 minutes is a must.  It changes my mood, and my eating habits, and I personally find it very therapeutic.  It's my time to clear my mind, and organize my brain.   Last blog I talked about how I eat from meal to meal.  Always starting with a healthy breakfast and that my lunch/dinner usually counter balance one another.  Or if we are going out I know I can order things healthier but I will probably have an extra cocktail or two, and I always nibble off my hubby's plate.  It adds up!  But knowing I got that workout in makes me feel a heck of a lot better!  You can do it to.  There's proof in life that MOVEMENT HEALS! 

                Would your Dr. suggest with your injury to do nothing.  NO they encourage you to move.  They have you do Physical Therapy, and in my profession a lot of doctors are now encouraging Pilates.  So we have a lot of clients rehabbing from an injury.  The Pilates motto is "Movement Heals."  People begin Pilates for flat abs, better posture, and to become more flexible.  But they continue to come because the way it makes them feel.  It heals you from the inside out.  I had a client in a car accident that went from being very active and healthy to very limited movement due to her spinal injury.  Surgery was her only option.  After coming to me for 2 years the mobility thru her body changed dramatically.  The Dr. said "continue to do whatever it is your doing because you are healing."  We have the power to heal ourselves. 

                Pilates is my thing and of course I encourage everyone to do it.  It becomes very addicting and it can change your life!  But it may not be your thing.  Maybe walking is or running.  Maybe spin classes or the Stairmaster.  Or maybe it's not cardio at all and you are just into weights.  Whatever it may be keep doing it!  You do it for the sole reason that it makes YOU feel better!   I encourage you to sweat once a day!  However you get there just do it!  It doesn't take much to get your heart rate up and to break a sweat, and it feels so good!  Living in the country now and with no gym membership I am finding things around my home to make my own personal gym.  It's kind of fun playing around with my workout and you should too!!  Just get your heart rate up!  My next blog entry will be making your home your own personal gym!  I think a lot people skip it on working out because they don't want to drive to the gym.  Now you will have no excuse.

*Take the stairs

*Park further

*Run with your dog while you are throwing them that bone

                As you have begun to become more aware of your food intake from last blog now we can add eating healthier to  that sweat once a day!  Detoxing  the body from all Impurities!  With the end result being a healthier and happier you.  Find the time, make the time. 

My challenge to you:

                Sweat once a day!  Your workout doesn't have to be 1 hour long.  Start small then aim to make them longer.  As you begin to feel the changes working out may not be something you feel is chore like,  but something you want to do.  Something you look forward to doing.  That little change can go a long way.  Due to demanding schedules early morning workouts or evening workouts are usually the only options.  Both times challenging enough just because you are too tired to get out of bed or too tired from your long day at work.  A quick workout will give you the boost of energy you need to get your day started.   Or it will give you that boost of energy when you get home to not collapse out on the couch with that box of cheez-its.  You will be surprised with the result so just do it!

Until next time,


Recipe tip:

                We love Italian!  I love to have chunky  meat sauce I make from scratch with lean grass fed ground beef served over steamed zucchini  instead of pasta.  No butter or salt added to the zucchini,  the sauce has enough flavor.   It still fills you up, and you don't feel as guilty for that glass of wine or two.  Or the garlic bread you dip in your leftover sauce!   And yes lean grass fed ground beef makes a huge difference than just any kind. Enjoy.

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